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Welcome to Velo Atelier, Creators of the world leading Clinical Bike Fit™. Our fitting expertise is backed up by over 30 years of experience designing and building bikes at the highest level.

At Velo Atelier Bike Studio Warwick, we've created a comfortable and friendly environment where you can enjoy our full range of services.

Our "by appointment only" services ensure you are able to develop your cycling In peace and privacy, rather than the hustle and bustle of a bike store.

Clinical Bike Fitting

Lee Prescott, director of Velo Atelier, has pioneered the "ClinicalBikefit Protocol"  and is one of only 7 IBFI certified bikefitters in the UK. Our bike fit is internationally renowned and open to both professionals and amateurs alike.



We offer a range of services to ensure your cycling is as comfortable and rewarding as possible, using state of the art technology and over 25 years of experience.

Custom Frame Building

Since building our first frame in 1987, we have built bikes for national, European and world champions, as well as trikes, workbikes and HPV's


Original Products

As well as crafting bespoke frames, we also design other original products. From workshop aprons and chamois creme to hubs and saddles, we are always developing new ideas.


Pro-Level Servicing

From full bike build to tune ups or wheel-building. Our professional mechanic services will keep your bike performing at it's best, for longer.


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Curated Retail

We don't hold large stocks, so we don't need to "hard sell" in order to turnover inventory. products are supplied to you based on your requirements.


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