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Personal mechanics aren't just for the Pro's

Pick a convenient time to drop off your bike with us for servicing. We will discuss and quote for the work required and book a pick up time/date.
Pro-Level service, Bike drop off
20 min


Having built team bikes for some of the most testing conditions in the world and with over 25 years experience in cycle engineering, you can rely on us to build your bike to the highest level and keep it that way.

Often store bought bikes are built in mass production factories, so that minimum time and skill is needed for assembly at store. This can lead to higher levels of wear and tear, which warranties do not cover.


We start by ensuring that the frame is aligned and faced so that your bearings will receive less mechanical resistance and better wear. Each component is assembled onto the frame with care and attention to detail. When you collect your new bike we can provide a run through of the operation and simple maintenance.


We have created a maintenance logbook system so you can keep track of your bikes servicing requirements. If something starts making a noise, it is likely that it is too late. Preventative servicing will save you the cost of expensive replacement parts. We will also remind you when to come in for maintenance check ups or when components are due to be replaced.

This is especially useful if you have purchased your bike online, or are putting your dream bike together from scratch. We can of course offer our experience if you need any advice on component selection. Those of you that purchase complete bikes, custom bikes or dream bike builds from Velo Atelier, receive this service for free.


Bronze Service


Suggested after approx. 600-800 miles

  • Gear and brake inspection and adjustment.

  • All components inspected and set to the correct torque.

  • Check and inflate tyres.

  • Lubricate chain and dérailleurs.

  • Bike wash and drivetrain degrease if required at an additional £25.


Silver Service


Suggested every 6 months

  • Bike washed and drivetrain degreased.

  • Gear and brake inspection and adjustment.

  • All components inspected and set to the correct torque.

  • Remove, check and re-inflate tyres.

  • Check and externally adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket.

  • Check wheel tension and re-true if necessary

  • Frame and forks checked for wear and tear

  • Replace brake blocks/pads (if required).

  • Lubricate cables (replace if required).

  • Lubricate chain and dérailleurs.


Gold Service


Suggested every 12-18 months

  • Bike stripped down and frame and forks checked for alignment

  • Bottom bracket and head tube are faced and threads are tapped

  • All components ultrasonically cleaned and re-lubricated

  • Wheels re-trued

  • Bike rebuilt to new build standard

  • All cables and brake blocks replaced if required

  • 6 month guarantee on all work carried out.

*£50 extra for hydraulic brakes or internal cabling

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Complete Bike Build


Free of Charge if the parts are bought from us

  • Frame and forks checked for alignment

  • Bottom bracket and head tube are faced and threads are tapped and pre-treated

  • All mating surfaced treated

  • all components treated and assembled

  • Wheels checked for True and assembled

  • Brakes and Gears set up and adjusted

  • Complimentary Bronze Service after 4-6 weeks.

  • 6 month guarantee on all work carried out.

Chain waxing

Pro Chain Waxing


Extend the life of your chain up to 15000km

  • We can wax your existing chain or a new one from us

  • 6 stage cleaning process on the chain to ensure maximum penetration of hot wax

  • Waxed using our proprietary Wax recipe including PTFE and 2 secret ingredients

  • Process honed over 20 years

  • Subscription service available to save you time, effort and keep you riding at maximum efficiency

We also offer a subscription service to make this hassle free and allow you to spread the cost. Find our more HERE




Price excludes parts

  • Hand built wheels are built to suit riding conditions, rider weight, climate and can retain compatibility with older components. A well built wheel is stronger and more stable: Building by hand allows for each component to be handled and assessed individually, and inequalities compensated for.

  • Every wheel is pre-stressed and is delivered fully tensioned to within manufacturer’s specifications.

Bicycle servicing
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