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Save energy and Money with Chain-Waxing


Waxing your chain not only creates a stable clean lubricant inside your chains rollers but also prevent the chain wearing as quickly. When you are using oil on a chain it picks up grit which in turn turns into a grinding paste and erodes the rollers on your chain. 

With Hot Waxing the wax gets inside the chain and isn't displaced by water so even on muddy rides the inside of your chain is clean and lubricated. Then when you get home simply rinse off with water and dry it. Ready to go with no hassle.

When you look after your chain like this the waxing typically lasts for around 1000 miles before reapplication is required and we have seen chains last for up to 15000 miles. Dont forget that your cassette wears with your chain and normally lasts for 3 chains, so by using this method you can make a cassette last for 45000 miles. Pretty useful with modern cassettes costing upwards of £350.


To help you spread the cost of keeping your bike running smoothly all year round we have created a subscription service for you.

Our standard £10/month package is based on you having a rewaxed chain 5 times a year. Normally that would cost you £150

The way it works is simple.

  • You purchase 2 chains which we then wax. One goes on your bike and the other sits in our Chain Hotel, ready for when you need it

  • After your first 1000 miles simply drop into the Service Centre and we swap them over while you wait

  • We then clean and relax the first chain and pop it into the Chain Hotel, ready for your next visit


If you think you will do more than 5000 miles each year then we can arrange a custom service schedule for you and price it accordingly.

We also offer this service via post should you live further afield. You receive your next chain when you need it along with a SAE for you to post back the other chain. Contact us for details and we can organise a quote based on your location.

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