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The voucher scheme has been hugely popular and all vouchers in the first batch have now been allocated. We will be working closely with the cycling industry during this pilot stage to monitor impact. Further vouchers will be released when we are confident people will be able to get their bikes fixed at a wide range of retailers without significant waiting times.

Fix Your Bike


The Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme aims to encourage more people to cycle by supporting individuals with the cost of repairing their bicycles.


It provides vouchers of up to £50 towards the cost of bike repairs at approved repairers that have registered with the scheme.

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How the scheme works
  1. Find a Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme-registered bike mechanic to repair your bike using Energy Saving Trust’s map of participating bike shops and mechanics. Velo Atelier is a Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme registered repairer.

  2. Apply for a £50 voucher on the Energy Saving Trust website when vouchers become available.

  3. Bring your bike in to be fixed, using the voucher to cover up to £50 of the total cost of the repairs needed.

  4. Enjoy cycling again.


The Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme has been set up to encourage more people to embrace cycling, boost the number of commuting and leisure trips. It also aims to help reduce the number of short journeys made by private cars.

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