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Meteor Works carbon Seat post

Meteor Works carbon Seat post

We work with many seat posts in the course of our bike fitting here at the studio and also in the Service centre so when we decided to design our own seat post we knew exactly how we wanted it to work.

The base material is UD carbon fibre to give strength and complience at a very competative weight.

The clamping system is designed to give infinite adjustability whilst still being quick and easy to both adjust and maintain. The 2 bolt design which also has a Hex bolt on the front bolt, accessable through any saddle slot, allows simple creak free instalation.

The bolts all screw into Aluminium encapsulated nuts so that even if you are heavy handed and strip a thread it doesnt right off your post.

Available in the ubiquitous 27.2mm diameter with a 20mm set back and 350mm length.

Will accept carbon 7x9mm or round metal 7mm rails.

The post also has a scale on the rear to aid with accurate saddle positioning and adjustment.

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