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Initial Assessment

We are all different in our requirements, goals and needs. So why should your bike fitting session be the same time and cost as everybody else?



To allow us to tailor your personal Bike fitting process, the first stage of our Clinical Bike Fitting is an initial assessment for £150. By having this  60=90 minute session we are able to tailor the amount of services you will require; to meet your targets.

We have found over the years that following this session 30 minutes is usually enough time to make the changes required to your position to help you meet your goals.

If no fitting is required then you will only pay the £150 for the Assessment. Any fitting required is charged pro rata at £50 per 1/2 hour.

During thiS session we evaluate the following:


The first step of the assessment is to sit down with a coffee to discuss your current approach to cycling and fitness in general. This is so that we can get a good perspective on  changes in lifestyle that might help you reach  your cycling goals as well as indicating how quickly you might adapt to a new bike position or technique.


There is no 'one size fits all' bike fit. We need to understand what you are trying to achieve in order to design a program you to help you reach your goal. We discuss any specific events or milestones you want to target through out the year so that we can plan an adaptive program for you.


We discuss any current injuries or discomforts along with any previous injuries. Then starting at the feet we take a look at your current foot stability and cleat position. we then conduct some simple functional movement screening to identify your range and quality of movement. This helps us decide whether your current bike position is suitable for your current muscular-skeletal state.


Then it is time to hit the turbo trainer. Once you are warmed up, we set you off on a virtual steady state 3km time trial. Your current position on the bike is analysed using dynamic video capture to measure your geometry angle and weight displacements along with pressure mapping to identify how your  body is interacting with the contact points of the bike. Whilst being tested we also analyse your pedal stroke and power outputs to see if gains can be made in your efficiency.

Following the assessment you will receive the following:


Taking everything above into account we then create a bespoke plan for you based on your goals. This includes the following:

  • Amount of time required in the studio

  • Frequency of visits

  • Bike fitting services required

  • Clinical services required

  • Technique or fitness classes that would be appropriate

  • Equipment recommendations if appropriate


We also create for you a personal and private Dropbox folder where we upload your report along with all of the data collected at the session. This includes your performance report, video analysis, pressure maps and gait analysis.


This folder becomes your online datafile where we store all of your future data so that at any stage you can go back and see where you where at any stage of the process.

Our full Initial Assessment looking at your flexibility, range of movement, Shoe set up and current position using video analysis, saddle pressure mapping and power outpu...
Initial Bike Fit Assessment
2 hr
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