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pedalstroke analysis

more power + same cadence = free speed


Souplesse is something we should all strive for, the perfect pedal stroke looks like it comes naturally to some riders, just watch David Millar riding!

Amateurs and professionals alike, can benefit from getting the most out of their pedal stroke. Get it right and you can go faster or longer for the same level of fitness.


Pedalling efficiently is crucial to making the most of your power output. If you think of your cranks as levers then it is important to push those levers when you will get the maximum benefit. A smooth power transfer to the drive-train prevents unwanted losses in efficiency and can put up to 10% more power into the back wheel.


Our years of working with professional cyclists has given us some insight into how to help a rider achieve their optimum pedal stroke and aided by our technology we can show you in real time the effect changes in your pedal style is having.

Let us help you get the most out of the power you are creating by making your pedal stroke as efficient as possible.
Pedal Stroke analysis
1 hr
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