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Alpitude GARDENA carbon saddle

Alpitude GARDENA carbon saddle

A modern saddle for modern riders. Short fit design. Ergonomic shapes. Light weights. This is our first saddle: Gardena


Gardena saddle is 100% handcrafted in our workshop. Designed in all aspects. Gardena saddle  allows both aggressive riding and mid-long rides. A specific cut-out and a the big front hollow to reduces perianal pressure to maximum levels.

A 3D printed light weight combo kit for lights and gopro is designed perfectly with the saddle and can be ordered seperately for an additional £20


***Due to high demand, order will be shipped in 16-18 weeks.***

  • Tech Specs



    65 grams (+-5%) – 128 mm   –  +5 gr circa for UD option

    68 grams (+-5%) – 140 mm  –   +5 gr for UD option

    71 grams (+-5%) – 150 mm –   +5 gr for UD option


    lenght: 245 mm

    Nose width: from 40 to 50 mm

    Width: 128 – 140 – 150 mm

    Rails: 7×9 mm

    max rider weight: 85 kg

    max payload for combo kit: 250 gr

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