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Denim & Leather Workshop Apron

Denim & Leather Workshop Apron

This Cone Mills red selvedge denim and leather apron was designed after 20 years of using other workshop aprons from many different brand.


None of them were perfect so we have taken all of the best bits and incorporated them into the Velo Atelier workshop Apron.


The apron is designed to be easy to take on and off quickly one handed, as pro mechanics often need to. We haven’t covered them in tool pockets, as in our experience they never get used. Have you ever tried fitting a headset with screwdrivers and spanners hanging off your chest? We have added just a simple pen pocket for the inevitable sharpie that most mechanics use a lot more than you would believe.


Two hand warmer pockets are big enough to hold the odd tool or component whilst you are working but are mainly there for your hands on those cold winter mornings in Belgium (or Warwickshire).


The length is cut to sit above the knee, so as not to restrict movement and In addition its coated in otter wax, so no need to wash, just wipe. This also makes the apron water resistant when washing bikes etc.


Adjustable leather neck strap and waist band, with brass snap closures to allow removal one handed.


Its a heavy weight denim in classic indigo with Veg tan (this means the leather has been dyed using vegetable matter, so no dye residue) all finished using brass hardware. This apron should last you a lifetime and get better with age just like your favourite pair of jeans.

Also suitable for chef's, hairdressers, barbers, gardeners and tatooists alike!

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