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Organic Chamois Creme

Organic Chamois Creme

Entirely natural

Our specially formulated chamois creme is paraben free and 99% organic. If you are using Chamois Creme often then it is important to not subject your delicate soft tissue to harsh chemicals.

Made by hand in small batches to ensure quality from all natural ingredients. We started making our own Creme becuase we wanted to know what was going into it,

The Creme acts as an antiseptic, antibiotic, anti chafe and emollient.

With essential oils to provide a subtle and pleasant scent and containing pumpkin seed oil, which is often used in products to help restore and revitalize skin tissue and is known to aid healing of skin wounds and sores.

For best results apply 50-50 on skin and chamois. Apply more for longer rides.

  • Product Info


    Organic chamois creme

    Comes in a screw top tin

    Keep out of direct sunlight

    Use within 2 years of opening

    Handmade in Warwickshire

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