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PRO Smart Measurement and Setup tool

PRO Smart Measurement and Setup tool

Following the success of the standard tool, the Pro version has been built to withstand the demands of daily use by pro mechanics and professional bike fitters. The design has incorporated all of the feedback from many professional and non-professional customers, and has been through over 130 testing iterations since the standard V6. 

The tool works in exactly the same way as the standard tool, but has been built around a solid aluminium frame, with thumb screws to enable simple locking of all moveable components. The stiffer body means that the tool is quicker and easy to use, and the thumb screws enable more accurate measurements. For the plastic components, new 3D printing technology has been used resulting in stronger parts and a higher quality finish.

Use this tool + the smart phone app to easily measure and replicate you saddle and handle bar positions, using bike fitting standard X, Y co-ordinates. The easiest way to measure saddle setback.

The tool breaks down into two parts for convenient travel and storage.

The Pro tool comes complete with the following crank adaptors:

  •   Multi-purpose dome, for anything with a central hole
  •   Shimano Hollowtech, 
  •   SRAM Dub 
  •   Shimano Power Cranks
  •   Multi-purpose 'V' (For older square taper cranks and anything with no central locator)


Visit for step by step details on how to use the tool.

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