BESPOKED 2019 Preview

Updated: May 4, 2019

The British handbuilt bicycle show


For the first time in a few years, we're not exhibiting at Bespoked this year, so I decided to pop down to catch up with folk. As I had the unusual pleasure of being able to wander around during the press opening, I thought I'd share some of the hidden treasures that caught my eye.


PROVA Cycles

Mark from Prova has to be one of the most unassuming guys I've ever met. His engineering talent is on display on his bike in equal measures with his design acumen.

What catches my eye isn't the immaculate welding and fabrication, or the functionally beautiful 3D printed parts that he uses. What I really like is the obvious attention to the geometry Mark uses when designing his bikes.



I've known Rob for a few years now and his enthusiasm never fails to amaze. The bike he has on display is a great mix of new technology, fabrication skill and the paint scheme is worth a double take. No it's not hand painted but all separately masked and perfectly smooth!



I bumped into Ricky and Sally whilst walking into the show. Ricky has a bike that will be on display on the Rapha booth on Saturday and Sunday, but as they had come down a day early they were looking for a place for the bike to go for the day. The guys at Columbus tubing obliged and we got to see this little beauty a day early! I love how refined Ricky has gotten the small details, such as the neat seat clamp design.



Whilst at the COLUMBUS stand I couldn't help but geek out on the new Centenary Edition tube set they've produced. I've got to find a client who wants a frame built out of that this year!!! Also some great new forks and triple bend seat stays that will look great on our new Meteor Works production bike, the Æsir.



Always good to catch up with Ted and Paul to chew the fat over all things fine engineering. I'm excited to learn Ted has recently got a CNC mill and am looking forward to seeing any designs that have been gestating for a while become achievable now!

Also really pleased to see that contrary to my recent moan on Instagram, that nobody seems to make a bb for T47 DUB axles, Paul had one on display that he's been making for ages. Should've known that the guy only 20 minutes from our workshop would be on the case.



I was at a talk last year with Isla Rowntree, where she was discussing her idea to create a range of sustainable lease bikes for kids, that would create a circular manufacturing process. These bikes are the result of her labours so far and I have to say they look great and I think will only get better the older they get once they start to develop a patina of use. Great to see a bit of forward thinking in the industry.



I know nothing about these guys, but I certainly loved their take on the classic Porteur bike.



Always good to catch up with Christian from LAKE and as anyone that has been to the studio will know, we are a big fan of his products. If you're at the show take a good look at the custom colour options and then while away some time thinking about what colour combination you would go for.