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bikefit MOT at Sealanes Brighton

Updated: Apr 17

Velo Atelier are bringing their popular Bikefit MOT sessions to Brighton  - Next Sessions 1st May 2024

Think of this session as an MOT for your body and Bike. Lee Prescott (Creator of the Clinical BikeFit protocol) will check your Muscular Skeletal system and your bike fit position for optimum health and performance. Perfect for seasoned cyclists and beginners alike.

The next dates are:

In the one hour session Lee will run through a series of functional movement screening and range of motion tests to help to identify any issues, then check your foot pronation, insole support before getting you on your bike for a short spin. During this effort your position, movement and saddle pressure will be analysed.

Following your testing Lee will talk you through the results and offer advice on areas where improvements or performance gains could be made, which can then be adjusted on your bike and retested to ensure the desired result has been achieved.

Please remember to bring your bike, cycling kit and shoes. For a TT bike please also bring your helmet.

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