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Design and Manufacture

All of our products are unique and original.  We don’t see any value in simply re-badging existing mass produced products.

Our components rise out of the instinct we have to inherently advance the thinking about certain products.

As a small company, we are free to develop things in a more dynamic and productive way than the big corporations.

By using new technologies such as 3D printing, solid modelling and FEA (Finite Element Analysis), we are able to create products on a small scale, quickly.  This is perfect for trying out ideas to see if they work.  The prototype and test phase of a design can be shortened, enabling fast response to the needs of cyclists.

You are part of this process.  If you have criticism of any of our products, let us know.  Feedback is a gift!

Wherever possible we source all of our machining, casting, printing and moulding here in the UK.  We have a wealth of engineering knowledge in our island and we wish to ensure that knowledge stays alive.

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