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If you want world class custom airbrushing on your frame we send it to our friends at TJC Design

On our custom frames we offer the choice of simple powder-coat or custom paintwork.

Our favoured custom paint artist is Tim Cox from TJC Design in Bristol. Tim is amazingly creative and it also helps that he is a good friend, so we can trust him with the most complicated of jobs. we tend to visit Tim to collect commissions and we are normally left speechless when we see what he has produced on our frames.

TJC Design was established back in 2001 to provide a quality custom paint service, primarily to the motorcycle fraternity, and has expanded to also offer bespoke art and paintwork on bicycles, helmets of all genres, exhibition pieces, skateboards....... - in fact, anything that needs to look unique and eye-catching!

A lifetime of illustration allows them to create one-off designs to the customer requirements and apply it, in a meticulous manner, to their project.

They specialise in custom paint techniques such as candy paint, metal flakes, hand pinstriping and airbrushing but also cater for those wishing to restore their pride and joy back to original, factory colours.

Moredetails of TJC's work can bee seen on her site or you can drop into the Velo Atelier Bicycle Studio Warwick to take a look at some of their handiwork!

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