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When one of our clients recently asked us to renovate their old Flying Scot in preparation for L'Eroica, we jumped at the chance.


We started off by stripping it all down and blasting the frame with apricot shells to ensure we stripped the paint but didn’t damage any weak tubing. Underneath the frame was as good as the day it was built. All those that worry about steel frames rusting should take a look at a few 60 year old frames and wonder whether a carbon frame would last as long!


We got Tim at TJC Design to give her a full custom respray with new water slide decals. In the mean time we stripped all of the components and ultrasonically cleaned then before spending around 40 hours re-buffing and polishing them.

Chrome Plating

The hubs had chrome coming off the steel spindle so we  had them chemically stripped and then the flanges re-anodised and the hub centre  re-chromed once the flanges were masked up.

All in all this was a genuine pleasure to  work on and a testament to how good the engineering from this era was.

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Unknown member
Sep 22, 2021

Appreciate you blogging thiis

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