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Upcycled Carlton Criterium

We have been asked to refurbish classic frames before, and it is always interesting to strip back a 40 year old frame to see how it was built.

This project started when an old Carlton Criterium frame and forks was found in a dumpster.

We couldn’t just leave it there, so it went in the back of the car and back to the workshop.

Once the paint and corrosion was cleared away the lugged frame was still looking pretty good for its age.

Wanting it to become a fixed wheel bike for popping into town, all of the gear and rear brake braze ons were removed and then it was given a new paint scheme.

We redesigned the graphics to incorporate some of the old Carlton logos and then built it up with a collection of new components.

The wheels on a fixie are all important so we went for sealed track hubs laced with Belgium’s finest Sapim spokes onto some classic Mavic Tub hoops.

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